Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has since many years attracted medical tourists from Europe, the USA and the Middle East as the country combines quality healthcare, the newest medical technologies and low-cost.
Medical standards in Turkey are monitored through independent accountability watchdogs built into the system. The ministry of health lays out regulations with which every hospital and clinic must comply. Almost all Turkish hospitals have the ISO 2001 quality management certification, and currently 30 of these facilities are Joint Commission International (JCI)accredited while others are in the process of accreditation.  This is by far more than any other country in the world.  

Favorable exchange rates have made medical treatments comparatively inexpensive in Turkey. In some cases, the cost of treatment is almost a fourth or even a tenth of what one is expected to pay in western countries.

Patients with diagnosed medical conditions can find what they are looking for in Turkey, ranging from bone marrow transplantation to in vitro fertilization. Other sought-after specialties include cardiology,cardiovascular surgery, genetic testing, neurosurgery, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics,aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and dentistry.

Many travel agents are partner with hospitals and clinics and can put together comprehensive medical tourism packages that include travel costs, medical consultation fees and appropriate accommodation based on recuperation needs.

Turkey is a wonderful place for post-op relaxation medical procedure, thanks to the various traditional spas and baths in the country.