Literature Tour

The rich history of ancient Tavrida, blue immense of the sea, whimsical outlines of the mountains, fairy nature of this land inspired the imagination of the poets for many centuries, gave a birth to original legends and stories. World literature have discovered Crimea in the times of Homer. After visiting Crimea the medieval singer of the East Saadi had glorified this miraculous and similar to tales of Shaherezada land.

Nevertheless A.S. Pushkin became the founder of this "magic land", "eyes of consolation" and "poetic pearl". An unfading lines about "midday land", which had sounded in one of the chapters of the poem "Eugeniy Onegin" continue to enrapture many generations.

"How beautiful you are – the shores of Tavrida…" - Pushkin wrote, memorizing the most wonderful days spent on the Southern Coast of Crimea where he stayed with the family of the General N.N. Raevskiy in August – September 1820. Griboedov visited Crimea five years later and Rebellious Polish poet A. Mitskevich visited Crimea the same year.

"And is this a dream? Oh, if I could only never wake up!" - A.K. Tolstoy echoed in his "Crimean essays" three decades later.

Only the enumeration of the names of writers who had fixed Crimea in their creative work could occupy quires of pages. Crimea was visited by P.A. Vyazemskiy, V.A. Jukovskiy, N.V. Gogol. L.N. Tolstoy fought on the Sevastopol bastions.
The name of A.P. Chehov is also connected with Crimea. In his hospitable house outstanding cultural workers of Russia met together such as I. Bunin, A. Kuprin, V.Korolenko, S. Elpatevskiy, S. Skitalets, L. Andreev, M. Gorkiy, N. Garin-Mihailovskiy, I. Levitan and F. Shalyapin, N. Rahmaninov and K. Stanislavskiy, V. Nemirovich-Danchenko and M. Voloshin, V, Gilyarovskiy…
Nowadays the house of the writer or as it was called by his friends and acquaintances "The white country-cottage" is known in many countries. And it's not accidentally that Yalta is called "The town of Chehov".

The poet, painter, writer and critic M. Voloshin lived in the village called Koktebel. His house, founded as a quiet refuge for work and as a hospitable colony "for tramps" - poets, artists, painters and musicians, have started the beginning of the House of Art of the Union of USSR writers in Planerskoe (Koktebel). Voloshin's house was visited in different times by M. Tsvetaeva and A. Grin, A. Tolstoy and A. Beliy, I. Erenburg and I. Mandelshtam, and it is here where M. Gorkiy read his "Tales about Italy".

Here, on the shore of the Black Sea, lived and worked an unusual romantic A. Grin. And despite of the fact that there is no master of this house for a long time there are still a great quantity of guests of different ages and nationalities who come to meet again, like in childhood, the fairy land "Grinland", sparkling with seas and quiet harbors in which you can see "the fascinating boiling of meetings, faces, events and boundless difference of life…"

In the years of Great Patriotic War a lot of Soviet writers fought in the lines of Crimean defenders participating in the battles near Kerch, Feodosia, in liberation of Sevastopol. They are K. Simonov and L. Sobolev, A. Pervencev and P. Pavlenko.

Nowadays Crimea has widely opened it's door for all writers of our multinational country. Poets, prosaics and dramatists from all former Soviet republics gather in the Houses of Art which are located in Yalta and in Koktebel. They are united by love to this blessed land beautifully mentioned by Paustovskiy: "There are such beautiful corners in the world visiting which you have the feeling of happiness and full life".

For one kind of people the beauty of Crimean land opens itself slowly, but conquer them forever. And anybody ever visited Crimea while leaving it takes away the slight feeling of sadness which is similar to the memorizing of childhood and to the hope to see this "midday land" again.