Luxury Deluxe Programs, VIP services

Exclusive tours for VIP FIT and small groups.

Crimea can boast a special historic privilege of being the “brightest pearl” of Russian imperial crown . These words belong to Katherine the Great.  Crimea has been the Russian Riviera and the blessed place where tsars and nobles built their summer palaces and beautiful estates.

For one kind of people the beauty of Crimean land opens itself slowly, but conquers them forever. And anybody ever visited Crimea while leaving it takes away the slight feeling of sadness which is  similar to the memorizing of childhood and to the hope to see this "midday land" again.

It is just the place to have a special luxury tour and feel the noble and sophisticated atmosphere of the palace-like hotels,  to see and walk in the gorgeous parks, to try famous Crimean wines served to the tsar’s court. This is a real exclusive opportunity to feel, to see and to enjoy this wonderful land of paradise with its wide diversity of overwhelming natural sceneries, richest historical and cultural treasures, modern top class accommodation and high quality service.

We believe in “Personal touch”. This is the philosophy of the company that we follow to meet all demands and requirements of our VIP guests and create the happy memories for them.

We work with the best hotels, some of which are former palaces and real historic venues.

We offer best cuisine and exquisite restaurants.

We hire the best transport and extremely experienced drivers

We organize exclusive excursions for VIP clients and often show what is “behind the scenes” and our guides are the best and most knowledgeable.

We are happy to make a tailor made program taking into account every detail and wish of our clients.

Because… Travelling is a genuine hospitality. We know this and are happy to invite you. Give us a chance to cherish you with our Crimean cordiality.  Welcome to the Crimea!