Hotel "Polyana skazok" (Yalta)

The Hotel "Polyana skazok" ("Fairy tales glade")
is situated in one of the most picturesque corners of Southern Crimean coast at the bottom of mountains, covered with pine-tree forest and juniper. Atmosphere here is a unique mixture of sea and mountain air, which preserved freshness even during the heat, due to gorges around.

Mountain forest preserve, quaint outlines of rocks as well as numerous streams and waterfalls - all there create a fairy-tall atmosphere here.

And this tale is only 3 km far from the center of Yalta!

Wile opening the window early in the morning, you can enjoy the panorama of the city and majestic Crimean mountains, eternal rest of which is disturbed by whisper of pine trees' crowns only.

You can spend a lovely time here in every season.

The hotel has all facilities for rest: swimming pools with biological cleaning system, sauna, billiard, bars and restaurants, parking peace and petrol station.

1. Suits (a/c, sputnik TY and telephone).
2. DBL and SNGL rooms (a/c, sputnik TY and telephone).
3. Luxury cottages for 2-4 person.