Spa туры

You will have a good rest in the Crimea and you will improve your health considerably after staying for a month.
The high experienced medical stuff is at your service. All kinds of treatment and diagnostics are done with help of the best equipment of the world famous firms.
The medical equipment in Crimean SPA-hotels makes it possible to do the complex diagnostics and treatments of:
  • cardio-vascular diseases;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • functional derangement of nervous system;
  • the initial stages of diseases.
 The methods of climatotherapy, acupuncture, dietics and medicamentous therapy help the doctors to prevent the diseases.


  • medicated baths, shower baths, underwater massage bath, gingival hydromassage;
  • psychotherapy and suggestive psychotherapy;
  • monitor electrocardiogram (ECG);
  • thermotherapy and light treatment (parafinoterapy, light- and thermo baths);
  • electrohypnotic sleep;
  • physiotherapeutic units;
  • acupuncture units;
  • electrotherapy and galvanotherapy units;
  • endocrinologists; ophthalmologists; gynecologists;
  • inner organs ultrasonic examination;
  • therapeutic physical training.
High-experienced dentists are always at you service.

The tour "Health and Beauty"

Tourist company "Southern Tour" invites you to the tour "Health and Beauty" which takes place in one of the best spa and health complex of Crimea - "Palmira Palace" spa hotel.
"Health and Beauty" tour (7-14 days) includes a program of the weight lowing (dietotherapy, the regime of physical and drinking loading,) cleaning of the organism, with the usage of modern methods of the skin and body care.
On finishing the tour, you'll get recommendations of specialists as for your meals regime, physical loading at home regarding your individual rhythm of life.
Accommodations are provided in SGL and DBL comfortable rooms.
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