On July 5-9 our company had the honor to receive and take care about the group from  the Air club of vintage planes AIR SQUADRON headed by honorary President of the club HRH Prince Michael of Kent. 24 little vintage planes – real “war birds” manufactured in 30s-40s of the last century. It was  the greatest event and the greatest challenge to us all- people involved in the organization of this historical visit.

Southern Tour mission was to be the main coordinator of all events within the framework of this visit in the Crimea. It is difficult to say how much work has been done together with Air Squadron organizers as well with brilliant coordinators from Kiev and Sevastopol. It is difficult to imagine how many long months we were working hard, showing the best examples of flexibility and loyalty to each other. Funny to say , but the preparation period took 9 months. It is like a pregnancy. We grew up the baby carefully and with all our love till the sacred moment of delivery. And… at last after wonderful program in Lviv and Kiev Crimea receives the baton on July 5 2013.

What a wonderful chain- kaleidoscope of bright events we had together! Everything worked well starting from the landing  at Belbek airport, continuing with the reception of the Ukrainian fleet Commander at  the flag ship “Hetman Sagaidachny”, reception at Mikhailov battery with beautiful catchy music, dances and fireworks , re enactment day ,when land of Balaklava and numerous spectators saw the tragic page of our common history -the battle with 150 re enactors, 40 people cavalry, 8 guns, planes with regimental flags, red poppies dropped from the air and covering the battlefield.... Everything was fabulous. Difficult to prepare, organize, work out, but everything was done. We were totally responsible for the farewell ball. We wanted to make it a beautiful end of the whole grand trip. We realized this huge responsibility and worried a lot as the last thing during the whole event is  usually the best remembered. But when we saw happy faces and tears of joy in eyes of our dear guests we were very happy because those tears were the greatest in the world “Thank you”. This is worthy any hard work!

“ Impossible is always untried. No matter how many ideas you have. It matters how many of them you make happen” This is all about Air Squadron visit and our cooperation with them. In spite of numerous barriers and difficulties a great team of AS and Ukrainian enthusiasts  managed to make it happen. Beautiful photos commemorate and reflect the event fully. We are very lucky and proud to be there with you and for you, dear Air Squadron members. And we delivered a beautiful “baby” after nine months of preparations. Now  it is a history and beautiful life time recollection.

Goethe said : “The best we have got from the History is the enthusiasm it inspired,” A very big thank to you, dear British friends- great enthusiasts from Air Squadron club for lighting up a memorable beautiful sparkle bridging the common history with today. It is not only an adventure, fun, travelling… It is a mission and words of the slogan we have chosen : “From the conflict of culture to the culture of peace” prove  this fully.