The Crimean peninsula is situated in the Southern part of Ukraine and has the area of 26000 km2. The Crimea is divided in to three unequal parts: the area of flat plains in the North, the mountain area and the Southern Coast. The Crimean mountains extend along the Southern Coast from the cape Aiya to the Karadag ridge for 150 km. in length and 50 km. in width. They consist of three ridges separated from each other by the long depressions. The highest of them is the Main ridge which rises over the Southern Coast to 1200-1500 m. The highest summit of the Crimean Mountains is Roman-Kosh (1545 m.). The top flat plateaus are called "yailas" what means "summer pastures". The Southern Coast is generally known as a strip of land stretching from the cape Aiya to the Karadag volcano ridge. This area is renowned for the most favorable combination of the warm sea and picturesque mountains, salubrious climate and diversity of vegetation.