The Crimea is well known as an excellent resort place.

Parks are one more important attraction of the Crimean south. As early as 1812, employees of the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens started to use the possibilities of its genial climate to collect exotic flora from all over the world and to deliver plants and trees to the parks of the aristocratic estates. Now most of the resorts along the coast have the parks, which can surprise even the most experienced botanist with the diversity of their lush vegetation. Astonishingly green in winter, blooming in spring, peaceful and shady in summer, blazing with purple and gold in autumn, parks provide the Crimean southern coast with the unforgettable charm.

Crimea Resort

Mapped out halfway the Equator and the North Pole, washed by the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, the Crimean Peninsula (27.000km2) reminds of the green grape - shaped leaf plying on seablue. Steppe and plain cover, almost two - thirds of the peninsula are descending to the sea by three mountain ridges.

Regarded not very high (1.000-1.500 above the sea level). The Crimean mountains run almost 180 km along the coast, protecting the South from the cold Northern winds, yet, preserving subtropical Mediterranean climate with hot but not burning summer, mild and soft winter. The average temperature of January is +40C, +240C are the average air - temperature of July. In fact only two seasons prevail - the warm and cool ones which are attractive and special in  their own way. own way.

The sea is the warmest in July and August (+250-270C) and the coldest - in January (+60-70C) which does not prevent the lovers of the swimming to continue the bathing season that usually lasts from May to October.

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Almond tree starts blooming in February and March sees the festive kaleidoscope of spring flowers, which emerge in their merry bloom almost daily till the end of November.

The autumn time is frequently called the Velvety Season as the air and sea temperature is the same - +240-250C. This period particularly attracts the artistic people. The Crimean beauty is inspiring and creative: and gives birth to the new lines of Eternal Poetry.